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Education & Awards

Choreographer dancer and teacher of technique and composition of Contemporary Dance . Began her dance studies in Argentina-Buenos Aires : Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Jazz, flamenco ,Tango and Composition .

Received a degree in Dance Education in the Collegium Musicum of Buenos Aires. Continued her education at the National University of Buenos Aires with a major in Philosophy

1971-1972 鹰

Developed and completed her dance studies in New York and London :
Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance- Alvin Ailey Dance Theater U.S.A.
London Contemporary Dance Ԩe Place�/em>England
José Limon -Merce Cunningham -Trisha Brown- Sara Rudner techniques. U.S.A.


Teachers in Buenos Aires:

Contemporary Dance
Renate Schotelius
- Juan Carlos Bellini- Ana Itelman-Freddy Romero-Estela Maris
Ana María Stekelman.

Ballet: Gloria Gazda - Amalia Lozano - Gustavo Mollajolli
Composition: Renate Schotelius - Juan Carlos Bellini - Ana Itelman


Teachers in U:S.A. and England

Contemporary Dance
The teaching Staff of School of Martha Graham of Contemporary Dance-American Dance Center Alvin Ailey ﳦeacute; Limon- Merce Cunningham Techniques.

Training classes with:
Eiko and Koma - Ruth Currier- Danielson - Vicky Shick,
Sara Rudner among others

Jazz : Pepsi Betel .( NY- U.S.A.) - Gordon (London 宧land)
Composition : Pearl Lang (N.Y.- U. S. A. )


Other artistic studies and activities since 1971 at present .

Seminars of acting, directed by Augusto Fernandez
Painting and drawing at the Atelier of:
Demetrio Urruchua-
José Rueda- Roberto Gonzales- Ermenegildo Sabat- Guillermo Roux
Courses of Aesthetic and History of Art: Doctor Marta Zatonyi.



Scholarship given by the Collegium Musicum of Buenos Aires based on high grade

Scholarship given by the American Dance Center of Alvin Ailey. Named the best interpreter and choreographer for the work 쥭>Momentos
튠 Prize ﲭa Fontenllaࠠ

Selected as representing Latino American choreographer for the piece 쥭>Momentos鉉 International Tanzwerkstatt Festival in the Kultur From Bonn Center ⯮n- Germany.
British Council Scholarship for The London contemporary Dance 襠Place 쯥m>London and

Has been award with a grant given by Antorchas Foundation to outstanding artist of the country

Award and Honorary Degree by the Argentine Dance Council (CAD)for her carrier as dance and teacher .
The pieces쥭> Soliloquios쯥m>and 정mbral쯥m> and the search: 쥭>Representation of human body in the civilization in occident쯥m> denominated by the National Culture Secretary as a valuable Work.
Obtain a grant from the National Foundation for the Arts for the work 정mbral Ⲿ Co-production Theatre San Martin and Association of Argentine Independent Choreographer of the Argentina ( Co.Co.A.) for 嬠UmbralⲾ •  Invited to participate at Video Dance Festival in Dusseldorf and Munich 祲many

Selected by the Secretary of non Official Dance of City Hall of Buenos Aires City ( PRODANZA)to set the piece 쥭> Al Acecho ༯em>

Selected to participate with 정mbral鮠the III Dance Festival of the City of Buenos Aires.


Artistic and Teaching Activities

Found and co-director, choreographer and dancer of the independent group 쥭>Nucleodanza
•  Invited to participate in the official group of Contemporary Dance Theater General San Martín

Until present
Invited to perform in theatres ,dance festivals, workshops as choreographer ,dancer dance teacher, artistic advisor in Argentina and abroad like : Italy ࡩn- Germany-Holland- Portugal-Brazil

To present Teaching activities and direction in her own dance studio built and designed for this purpose inviting to teach the most prestigious artist and dance teachers from Argentina and abroad.
•  Professor in the School of Philosophy and Literature of the University of Buenos Aires
Course: 쥭>General Dance Theory쯥m>

Made a search program in the New York University related with the following themes:
Anthropology of Body Movement - History of Dance ᥳthetic

Membership of the1ª Committee of Association Argentines Independent Choreographers

1999 ఱ
Member of the Artistic Council of the RENCONTRES CHOREOGRAPHIQUES

1999- 2001 Organizer of 2ª Platform in Argentina for the International Choreographic Contest Seineᩮt Denis Bagnolet ⡮ce.

2000- 2001
Appointed by the Nation Secretary of the City of Buenos Aires to be artistic authority for the Festival ᮺa de la Ciudad de Buenos Airesᮤ for the III International Festival of Theater and Dance.

Member of the Committee for Artistic Selection of the Antorchas Foundation

Professors in the School Art XXI (Art School XXI)

present Full Professor at the National Institute of the University of the Arts.
Course : Choreographic Composition.

Since 1974 until now has been invited to present her choreographies and lecture- demonstration in dance technique, composition and History of Aesthetic Movements in Dance, in Argentina and abroad. In recent years , as a soloist has been carrying out a type of choreography research, investigating both theoretically and practically themes related to philosophy, aesthetic, representation of body movement in space and composition .

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